How do you rank the analysts?

We rank all analysts only based on their past performance. To do this we use a variety of metrics that we weigh differently and then use an algorithm to compute our final ranking.

Do you sell anything?

No we only collect and provide useful data.

How does finn collect its data?

We crawl the web to gather all analysts’ opinions out there. By doing this we provide you with a transparent overview of the current market situation. When using finn you never have the feeling of missing out on important information anymore.

What does finn cost me?

Finn is completely free for our users. We are working on a premium account that will be launched in a future version of finn.

How does finn help me?

Finn takes investing to the 21st century by providing you with transparent and easy to understand investment information. By using our analyst ranking you can decide whom to trust based on objective and valid criteria. This way the analysts’ performance are exposed and critically analyzed.

What is finn?

FINN is the way for private investors to make transparent investment decisions by using our easy, mobile first service. Individuals are overwhelmed by the amount of information they have to deal with when they want to invest some money. Not even experts know who to trust in the financial markets due to the sheer number of analysts out there. When using FINN you are provided with a transparent rating of the past performance of financial analysts including their success and return rate. Equipped with this essential and easily understandable ranking you can save a lot of hassle and time when you want to take your investment decision.