Hey guys, we’re finn. It is our big goal to change the way you make your investment decisions. Many private investors are overwhelmed by the complexity and huge amount of investment advice out there. The financial markets are complex and we know that. That’s exactly where finn comes in. We want to help you make better investment decisions based on valid and easily understandable data that we gather for you.

We’ve been working hard during the last months and we believe that now is the right time to invite you on our fascinating journey. In this blog you will get the latest news concerning analysts, social traders, traders on the hot desks and movers on the financial markets. Check out our website to learn more about finn and what we are trying to achieve. If you need any information about finn or just want to get in touch with us, don’t hesitate to send us an email. We’re looking forward to exciting months ahead.

Stay tuned!

The finn team